Help with order form

Customer data to be indicated:

To process your order, all fields must be filled in correctly. Only fields marked with an asterisk (*) are optional, i.e. they do NOT necessarily have to be filled in. Please make sure that your email address is correct since all confirmatory emails as well as the invoice will be sent to that address.

When entering your username / password please use letters, numbers, minus signs, underscores or dots only, no special characters such as umlaut characters, blanks, etc.). If what you filled in is incorrect or incomplete you will receive an error message.

During the ordering process it is essential to read and accept the "instruction on the right of cancellation" and tick the "I agree" box.

After mailing the order form the license agreement will appear and may be printed out for your records. After agreeing to the contract you will be directed to the payment window. Depending on your browser you may have to confirm a message once or twice stating, "this web site contains secure as well as non-secure items."

Payment options and handling time:

Payment can be made in two different ways, entailing different lengths of processing time:

  If the sum can be debited to PayPal directly or to another credit card account linked to PayPal the Organ Site will confirm the payment immediately and create a login. In any other case
  PayPal will send a confirmatory email and debit the sum to your bank account. This may take a few days. As soon as payment has been credited to the Organ Site's PayPal account,
  I will manually set up your login and send the invoice by email. Handling time varies, depending on payment crediting by PayPal, between "instantly" and "several days".

Bank transfer:
  If you prefer bank transfer your completing of the order will be followed by a confirmatory email including an invoice. The payment is to be made to the account indicated on
  the invoice. Once the payment has been credited to the Organ Site, I will manually set up your access. Processing time may take several days depending on how long the bank takes
  to transfer the money. The costs for the bank transfer are to be paid by you. Please note that all expenses resulting from a foreign bank transfer would have to be paid by you.

If payment is made by PayPal, clicking on the pay now button will automatically open a new window using a secure internet connection asking for all relevant payment data.


Please click the Order button only after having filled in all mandatory fields correctly, or else you will receive an error message. The Reset button will clear the form and show it in its original state with nothing filled in. The Cancel button will cancel your order and take you back to the main menu.

You will find information on privacy protection in the Imprint as well as in the license agreement that once you clicked the "order" button, will be filled in with the information you entered and then displayed.

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