In order to install a personal user access for subscribers and in order to use the MP3 download portal and CD shop you need to be registered as a customer. Of course registration is free and does not imply any commitment to purchase and no minimum charge

The following data protection provisions are part of a license agreement that needs to be confirmed when you order. Click here for a pdf preview of the license agreement:

Privacy protection:

In order to implement the contract you need to register at the Organ Site. Registration is free, personal information that needs to be provided includes your name, email address, postal address, etc. This information will only be collected, saved and processed for the purposes of contacting you and implementing the contract. All data will be treated confidential. The Organ Site will at any time observe all privacy regulations.

The Organ Site and its subpages run on a secure SSL encrypted internet area (HTTPS).

The Organ Site does not send out email sales messages or spam and it does not cooperate with any address broker. The Organ Site does not use any cookies, trackers, analytic tools (i.e. Google Analytics) or ads (data collection by online advertising providers).

Subscribers with full access to the Organ Site agree to receive a reminder email with the offer of a subscription renewal one month before the subscription period ends, as well as an informational email after the subscription has ended with a link to the possibility of renewing the subscription.

When paying by PayPal relevant transaction data will be forwarded to PayPal to be able to process the transaction. After forwarding to PayPal the privacy policy and terms of PayPal apply. For CD orders, the order data with your name and address will be forwarded by encrypted email to the delivering publisher, so that he is able to process the order.

Every login to the Organ Site is internally logged with the entered user name as well as the IP address and the name of the internet provider from which the access is made. This data is used to uniquely identify the person who logs in and to ensure correct access to the Organ Site. The log data will not be passed on to third parties.

The customer may, at any time, with effect to the future, revoke his consent to the use of his data. He can do so by sending an email message to For unambiguous identification please give your name and surname as well as your user data. If the consent to the use of the data is revoked the former login will be deleted so that the customer will no longer be able to access the subscribers' section.

These privacy provisions can be printed out using the print function of your browser or they can be viewed at any time at the imprint section of the Organ Site.

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