Special: Auenkirche Berlin-Wilmersdorf / Germany

A short history of the great Auenkirche organ:

The Auenkirche was provided with a new organ with 40 stops on two manuals and pedal, built by Furtwängler & Hammer organbuilders in Hanover/Germany to the then prevailing late Romantic symphonic sound ideal.

1922 - 1924
The organ was enlarged to 63 stops on three manuals, again by Furtwängler & Hammer. Most of the old stops were included in the new organ, but some new, higher pitched ones were added as well in response to the German tracker organ revival just then come up.
Note that this obviously costly enlargement was decided on during times of hyperinflation in Germany.

Organ rebuilt by Furtwängler & Hammer.

1950 - 1960
The organ was maintained by Kemper (Lübeck/Germany) and other organbuilders. During this time some of the Romantic stops were removed and lost.

Renovation and enlargement to four manuals by Dieter Noeske (Rotenburg a.d. Fulda/Germany), a Positive intonated to the neobaroque aesthetic is added.

1986 and 1991
Partial renovation and enlargement of the organ by D. Noeske.

Organbuilder D. Noeske replaced the console with a new one with programmable combinations in view of the enlargement planned for 2006/2007, now ongoing.

Addition of a MIDI-interface (Laukhuff), an Aeoline 8' and Harmonica aetheria II-IV on the 4th manual by D. Noeske;
Changes in the 3rd manual by D. Noeske: - Sesquialtera II, + Terz 1 3/5', - Sifflöte 1', + Geigenprincipal 8', - Principal 4', + Fugara 4'

Addition of a Posaune 32' (ext.) in the Pedal division by D. Noeske


The great Auenkirche organ presently has 117 ranks with 79 voices/registers and 3 transmissions on 4 manuals and pedal. When this last enlargement is completed it should have 121 ranks with 83 voices/registers, 1 extension and 4 transmissions.
This would make it Berlin's second largest organ (next to the Berlin Cathedral organ).

è Complete stoplist (will open up in a separate window).

Sound samples:

  Joh. Seb. Bach (1685-1750) ascribed to: Praeludium in B flat major on B-A-C-H [858 KB]
  Joh. Seb. Bach (1685-1750), arr. Max Reger and Karl Straube: Invention in F minor [620 KB]
  Carl Piutti (1846-1902): Sonata in E minor, op. 27, from the 2nd movement [908 KB]
  Carl Piutti (1846-1902): Sonata in E minor, op. 27, from the 2nd movement [990 KB]
  Paul Gerhardt (1867-1946): Choral Prelude "Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu Dir" - excerpt 1 [754 KB]
  Paul Gerhardt (1867-1946): Choral Prelude "Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu Dir" - excerpt 2 [924 KB]
  Paul Gerhardt (1867-1946): Choral Prelude "Nun ruhen alle Wälder" [1.060 KB]
  Paul Gerhardt (1867-1946): Choral Prelude "Gott des Himmels und der Erden" [676 KB]

The sound samples are taken with kind permission from several CDs by Jörg Strodthoff. To obtain his CDs please click here.
  I also recorded my own sound samples at the great Auen organ – to listen or download click here.

By the way:
You will find loads of organ music for download at the Organ Site's MP3 download portal
among others the complete CD program of Motette, Psallite, ifo and organ publishing companies.

Enlargement as it is planned as from 2010:

•   Klarinette 8' Construction of a new chest (pipes are already there), to be played from the 1st manual and as a transmission from the pedal. Constructed as a striking reed stop it will be a nice contrast to the free reeds high pressure 8' Clarinet in the Swell.
Estimated cost: 11,000 EUR (14,300 US$)
•   Trichterregal 8' Construction of a new chest (pipes are already there), to be played from the 1st manual.
Estimated cost: 10,800 EUR (14,000 US$)
•   Physharmonica 8' Construction of pipes and wind trunk, connection to the high pressure reservoir, to be played from the 3rd manual.
Estimated cost: 21,200 EUR (27,500 US$)
•   Gedackt 8' Construction of a soft 8' stop (chest is already there), playable in the pedal.
Estimated cost: 5,800 EUR (7,500 US$)
•   Swells Renovation of the two swell chests of the 3rd and 4th manual that have not been refurbished for 82 years.
The new casing and complete sealing of the slats will immensely improve the Crescendo-Decrescendo.
Estimated cost: 8,200 EUR (10,600 US$)

Any donations are highly welcome :-)

The Auenkirche congregation would be very grateful for any donations. Donation receipts will be gladly provided!

Kantorat der Auenkirche
Wilhelmsaue 118a • D - 10715 Berlin • Germany
Tel.: +49 30 / 40 50 45 34-0 (or -5)

We just received the sad news that the long-time organist and curator of the Auenkirche Organ, Mr. Jörg Strodhoff, passed away on June 10th, 2013. There is no news yet as to what will become of the organ project.

By the way, if you would build this organ from scrap today it would cost you about
2 million EUR / 2.6 million US$


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