Ordering full access to the Organ Site implies concluding a license agreement, which will be displayed after the next step (i.e. your clicking on the "order" button). Please read the agreement and confirm it. German law requires that we direct your attention once again to your "right of cancellation" as part of this contract:

Right of cancellation

The client is entitled to cancel this contract within two weeks by written notice (letter or email) without reason. The cancellation period shall commence at the earliest on the day following the receipt of this instruction on the right of cancellation. The deadline for cancellation shall be observed if the notice of cancellation has been mailed in time. The notice of cancellation is to be sent to:

    Email: message@die-orgelseite.de
In case of an effective cancellation, mutually rendered services will be refunded and any capitalized use (e.g. interest) is to be returned. The right of cancellation will be terminated early if your contract partner has, with your explicit consent, started implementing his services before the end of the cancellation period, or if you have yourself disposed the implementation (e.g. by download)..

End of the instruction on the right of cancellation

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